We ensure in our company to provide the precise medication with suitable price to the patient, we work on widening our activities in the  field  of  medical  products , to  enable  the accessibility  to such products throughout hospitals,  polyclinics  , private  pharmacies  and  international organizations working in the Libyan region, as well as the firms in which having direct link with medical services sector in Libya.

Medical Equipment and Appliances

We have been already engaged into the process of supplying several medical care services by providing institutes in Libya with medical equipment and services in most of Libyan areas; and by providing the most modern high quality equipment, and providing hospitals, medical centres and clinics various products, such as, devices, instruments, medical tools and whatever is necessary to run a medical facility , taking  into account  fast completion,  quality  and  flexibility  of invoicing  to build a long term relations with our clients.


Mother and Child Appliances

We supply the Libyan market with mother and child appliances, including but not limited to, baby milk, diapers, baby food, wipes, scented wipes, panty-liners and whatever is necessary for mother and baby, as we cover the entire areas in the Libyan region throughout our wide distributers and sale centres, while we guarantee to our customers a services of a good quality, acceptable cost and high performance of services.

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